Other Pool Services


Filter Cleaning Service - (starting at $25/month)

A Filter Cleaning Only service designed for the pool owner who already manages the daily tasks of maintaining their swimming pool, but just can't seem to find the time to stay up with keeping the main pool filter clean.

  • Quarterly Filter Cleaning - clean the main pool filter quarterly (or as needed).
  • Filter Cartridge Replacement - Lifetime Cartridge Replacement - Never buy replacement cartridges for your filter again as long as you're a Filter Cleaning Service customer. We replace them as needed FREE! (Grid replacement for DE Filters)
  • Water Testing - test the pool water and report to owners if the water is out of balance.
  • Pool Equipment Checkup - test pool equipment for normal operations and report to owners any potential issues.

Essentially, this is a quarterly checkup for your pool... and peace of mind that the pool filter will be clean all year long!

One Time Filter Cleaning Service

Call us whenever you need your main pool filter cleaned or backwashed.

  • Cartridge Filter Cleaning - ($60 - $95, depending on the size of the filter)
  • D.E. (Diatemaceous Earth) Filter Cleaning - ($75 - $95, depending on the size of the filter)
  • Sand Filter Backwash - ($60 for most filters)

Spring Tune-Up

A complete tune-up for your pool...

  • Test Pool Equipment - pumps, filters, pool cleaner, and timers.
  • Inspect Pool Equipment - baskets, bags, pump lids, o-rings.
  • Water Testing - test the pool water for proper chemical balance. Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Calcium, and Stabilizer.
  • Salt Pools - inspect the salt cell and test the salt chlorinator for proper operation.

After the Inspection we will provide you with a written assessment of the pool. If there are any repairs necessary, we will give you a no-obligation price quote for doing the repair.

Make sure your pool is ready for a hassle free swimming season!

Salt Chlorinator Cell Inspection and Cleaning

Salt Chlorinator Cells can get calcium buildup over time and if not maintained and cleaned properly, the cell may not produce chlorine efficiently and can even be damaged. With this service we will inspect the salt cell and clean according the manufacturer specifications.

Customized Pool Service

Pick and Choose from any of our Pool Service tasks to create a customized pool service to meet your exact needs. Then contact us and we will give you a price quote to match your request.


Contact Us today for a free, no obligation consultation and price quote for any of our pool services .