Swimming Pool Light Replacement and Repair


Is your swimming pool light not working? The most common reason that pool lights stop working is simply when the bulb burns out. If you're not comfortable changing out the light bulb, call us and we can do it for you. And if the pool light problem is more complicated than just changing the bulb, we can troubleshoot the problem and repair the issue.

*All swimming pool light troubleshooting and repair work is done by a licensed and insured electrician.


Service Call - $45 - minimum charge and will be applied toward the first hour of labor for any pool light bulb replacement or pool light repair job.

Pool Light Bulb Replacement - $95 - estimate based on standard pool light and may vary for some swimming pool lights.

Parts - cost for parts will vary depending on the type of pool light...call for estimate.


Contact Us today to schedule a service visit to replace your pool light bulb or troubleshoot and repair any swimming pool light problem.