Pool Pump Troubleshooting, Repair and Installation


If your swimming pool pump is displaying any of the following symptoms, call us and we can troubleshoot the problem and repair the existing pump or install a new pump or pump motor if necessary.

  • Noisy Motor
  • Pump Running Dry / No Water Flow
  • Pump Won't Operate
  • Pump Motor Cycles On and Off
  • Pump is Leaking

It's important to address any pool pump problems as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the pump, pump motor, or other pool equipment.


Service Call - $45 - minimum charge and will be applied toward the first hour of labor for any repair job.

Installation - $95 - estimate based on typical costs of pool pump or motor installation. May vary for some pool pumps.

Parts - cost for parts will vary depending on the pump...call for estimate.


Contact Us today to schedule a service visit to troubleshoot and repair your pool pump or motor problems.